Customer Testimonials

Curt and Eon:

the site is up, and i wanted to thank you both again for your help. it really looks great. i received a call from a local business yesterday, a new customer. she told me she found me in the book and then looked up the site, she raved, literally. of course i told her all of who was involved in putting it together. she proceeded to order 3 cakes.

thanks again, your check is going out on monday.

Susan Winters


You are the absolute best,,, you get the job done fast and you are reasonable on your charges.  Please use me for a testimonial!!!

My check will be mailed tomorrow.



I served at a major Wall Street firm for over 20 years where I had the world's best technology assistance. Upon leaving them for four years of private sector sports consulting from my home in Tallahassee, we needed our own personal technology consultant to keep us up to the speed of the marketplace.

Mr. Curt Hesher of CURTECH Computer Services was absolutely terrific. Curt is dependable, smart, ethical and extremely well versed in his specialty niche professional craft. I can not recommend anyone with any more conviction than I can this bright, young and very talented entrepreneur. Try them and see if I am not right about this.

Thom Park, Ph.D.
Thom Park & Associates, Inc

Curt Hesher has been instrumental in the development and growth of my internet based business. Seven years ago I couldnít tell the difference between icons and email. With his help, Iíve learned to succeed with modern technology in my business and personal life. During this time Curt has also taken on significant technology related projects within the scope of my business and represented my business in negotiations with other companies. He is an integral part of my success, a competent consultant, and a trustworthy friend. As such I have referred his services to many of my closest family members and friends. You would be well advised to retain his services.

Roy Messer
CEO, Nett Corp.