If you’re using Outlook (2010 in my case) and you suddenly find that you cannot open hyperlinks in emails (due to the error: “‘This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.”), and you’ve recently uninstalled Google Chrome (the Google branded web browser) then you’re likely the victim of an incomplete Chrome uninstall.  Here’s how you can fix it:

1. Open Default Programs from the Start Orb on the affected computer.
2. Select Set Your Default Programs and then choose Internet Explorer (Set this program as default) and Microsoft Outlook (Set this program as default).
3. Next open the registry (regedit or regedt32), navigate to HKLM/Software/Classes/.htm/@ (AKA Default) and change the value there (most likely “ChromeHTML” to “htmlfile”).  Do this also for HKLM/Software/Classes/.html/@.

P.S. In my case, the afflicted computer was Windows 7 on a Windows Server 2003 domain (2K domain functional level).  To fix the registry problem I turned on the Remote Registry Editing service on the afflicted computer and then remotely edited the registry as an enterprise administrator (for some reason, the local administrator on the afflicted computer did not have the requisite permissions).

Twist off a cold one; you’re done!