XP Home SP3: So I’ve checked that DHCP is on, no proxy’s are configured, “reset” IE, netsh’d and rebooted, LSPFIX’d (and found nothing), HIJACKTHIS looks good; still, IE works perfectly; Firefox and World of Warcraft fail instantly!, like they’re not even really looking to see if the WAN is there.  Run the Norton Antivirus manual removal tool and, without a reboot, Firefox and WOW start to work (Norton had been installed 6 months ago but it had long since been removed and was using AVG, or so I was told – AVG was installed when I got there).  I’ve seen this happen once before on a Windows Server 2003 box running some corporate version for Norton.  The uninstall leaves something in the registry that prevents any computer using the 2003 server as a gateway from accessing the WAN, but the gateway can still access the internet … Bad Norton uninsall … Norton strikes again!