First time working on this program.  Overall it’s a pretty easy program to setup if you do it exactly this way.  There’s just a few things to remember.

1.  When installing (or replacing) the server, install from the CD to the shared drive drive (T: in my case), and configure the Timeslips Administrator to point to the program using the same shared drive that the clients will connect to.  To do this, share the Timeslips install folder (C:\Program Files\Timeslips) and then map the drive back to the server (T:\ -> \\server\timeslips).  Then use the Timeslips administrator console (Start->Programs->~Timeslips administrator) to point to the installation at T:\ instead of C:\Program Files\Timeslips.  You shouldn’t need to do this if you install the server to the T: drive to begin with.

2. Make sure to install the clinets from the server.  To do this map the T:\ drive to the clients and then install from the ~setup.exe at ~T:\remoteinstl (or something like that).

3. Don’t be afraid to clear out the licenses on the server using the Options menu under the Timeslips administrator console on the server.

4. Be sure to point to the timeslip.cfg file on the server ~T:\timeslip.cfg on each of the clients using the admin console on the clients.

Hope this helps me and someonelse in the future.  Feel free to ask any questions or leave responses.  I can’t guarantee I’ll have time to respond, but ya never know 🙂